The University of Maryland’s Institute for Governmental Service and Research (IGSR) is leading the initiative entitled “Implementing and Institutionalizing CompStat and Crime Analysis in Maryland.” A combination of researchers and practitioners with experience implementing and working with the important components of CompStat - supervision and management, crime mapping and analysis, and problem solving - has developed a multi-phased plan designed specifically to assist Maryland law enforcement agencies in implementing and institutionalizing CompStat into their organizational structures.

The overarching purpose of this initiative is to expand the implementation and institutionalization of CompStat and crime analysis into as many Maryland police agencies as possible by providing tailored assessment, training, and technical assistance and making available standardized systems for accountability and crime analysis to these agencies. This website is constructed and maintained as a part of this initiative, as a means to provide CompStat resources to Maryland law enforcement agencies. The Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention is funding this project under grant number BJAG-2010-1406.

The image above links to our sister program’s website – "Crime Analysis Training and Technical Assistance for Maryland." IGSR’s team of experts is a combination of researchers and practitioners who have a wealth of experience conducting and supervising crime analysis, researching crime analysis issues, as well as providing crime analysis education training and assistance to students and practitioners around the world. The goal of this initiative is to assist Maryland law enforcement agencies in improving their crime analysis capacity. This assistance consists of comprehensive crime analysis training and technical assistance for personnel of law enforcement agencies in Maryland.